Agenda November 9th, 2017

October 2017 Agenda

November 9th, 2017

Irvington Library

7:00 pm: Introductions

7:03: Approval of October minutes and November agenda

7:05: Creation of Daria Colner memorial fund for home tour to fund pre-tour party (Brian or Steve)

7:15: Land Use update (Dean)

7:25: Kinship house (Dennise) 

7:35: Revised solar letter (Steve)

  • Letter revised from no review request to tier one review request

7:45: Charitable giving update (Bob)

  • Update on discussion with new donors with additional details addressing previously raised concerns.

7:55: Holiday party update (Bob/Sarah)

  • Volunteer requests
  • Party details including food plan and child activities 

8:10: Committee updates

  • Tree committee
    • Renewed request for budget allocation with hardship application update (Jon)
  • Safety (Christine)
  • Disaster preparedness (Huck)
  • Capital improvements (Nathan)
  • BWA update (Steve)

8:20: New business

8:30: Adjourned

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Agenda October 12th, 2017

October 2017 Agenda
October 12th, 2017
Irvington Library

7:00 pm:     Introductions

7:03:           Approval of September minutes and October agenda

7:05:          Tree committee report (Kyna)

7:15:           Soda tax measure endorsement request (Dante)

7:30:         Land Use update (Dean)

7:40:         Budget approval (Jeff)        

7:50:         Resolution asking the city to exempt solar panels from design review.     (Steve) 

8:00:        Community outreach committee update (Bob)

  •  Holiday party

8:10:         Charitable giving: suspend rules while we are revising them in order to take advantage of neighborhood resident contributions.

8:15:          Safety committee update     (Christine)

  • Charitable giving    (Susan/Bob)
  • Disaster preparedness    (Huck)
  • Parks    (Jeff)        
  • Capital improvements     (Nathan)
  • BWA update    (Peter)

8:30:        New business

8:40:        Adjourned

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