Agenda for December 4th ICA Meeting

7:00 pm

  • Introductions
  • Approval of October minutes and November Agenda

7:03 pm

  • Street tree inventory through Urban Forestry (Elizabeth Specht) NECN update (Steve)


  • NECN board members contacting ICA board officers. Delay in communications fund reimbursement. NECN board plan to issue “talking points”

7:15 - Land Use

  • Broadway/Weidler corridor committee update PSU project submittal update (Steve)
  • Parking task force update (Steve) 
  • Demolitions (Dean)
    • Discussion of whether to endorse two letters regarding proposed changes in demolition criteria.
    • Discussion of potential support for opposing demolition of building in Northwest Portland. 
  • Update of Klickitat Mall plan. (Steve or Mac) Comp plan extension (Dean)
  • I-5 Southbound off ramp at Broadway and open house at Leftbank on November 19th. (Dean)
  • Apartment infill at 1810 NE 11th. (Dean)
  • Taco Bell opposition letter. (Dean)
  • 2217 NE 11th Historic review application. (Dean) 
  • Google Fiberoptic cabinets in curb easement. (Dean) 

7:45pm - Budget discussion (Jeff) 

  • Approval of budget for 2014 to 2015 fiscal year.
  • Discussion of money to be allocated to capital improvements, charitable giving, legal fund; etc. 

8:00pm - Newsletter (Steve) 

  • Discussion of how to proceed with newsletter. Emily Weltman will not be able to continue as editor after the November issue. Discussion of whether to hire outside assistance for newsletter layout and editing. 

8:10pm - Website committee update (Barb)

  • Discussion of how to proceed on our website. Recommendation to move to Squarespace.

8:25pm - Additional matters/holiday party update/ Half Marathon update (Steve)

8:30pm - New business

  • Letter regarding leaf pickup in Irvington (suggestion that they come back for another pickup in quadrant where Irvington School is located, preferably on a Saturday when the school employees/volunteers are not parked on the streets).

8:35pm - Adjourned

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