Agenda for October 9th ICA Meeting


  • Introductions
  • Approval of September minutes and October Agenda

7:03pm - Police Report

7:15pm - Measure 90 presentation by Catie Theisen; from No on 90

7:25pm - Irvington K-8 School presentation by Kathleen Ellwood; Irvington Principal

7:45pm - Land Use

  • Broadway/Weidler corridor
  • PSU project submittal
  • Parking task force: ICA recommendations 
  • Demolitions

8:10pm - Budget discussion 

  • Proposed allocations with finalization occurring at November’s meeting

8:20pm - Capital improvements discussion/update 

8:25pm - Parks/Charitable giving/website committee updates

8:30pm - Additional matters/holiday party update

8:35pm - Adjourned

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