Agenda for November 12th

7:00 pm:     Introductions & Approval of October minutes and November agenda

7:03:      Police report.

7:10        Land Use ()

  • Suh house (13th street) demolition
  • Mixed use comments
  • Comp. Plan comments
  • Fiber optic boxes on utility poles.
  • Leaf pickup update: call 503-823-1700 if, after the second pickup, there is still a major leaf issue on the street.

7:20:    BWA update: Request for funds to pay for BWA website.    

7:25:     Grant High renovation discussion (Grant High music and choir directors)

  • School reboundary discussion    

7:40:    Holiday party update (Jim Barta)

7:45:    Historic preservation committee (Barb)

  • Mass mailings to residents

8:00:    Capital improvements discussion

8:10:     Newsletter

8:15:     New business

8:20:    Adjourned