Agenda for February 12th

7:00pm: Introductions and Approval of January Minutes

7:03pm: Police Report

7:10pm: Website Update (Tiffanie and Barb)

7:15pm: NECN Update (Peter and Steve)


  • SIdewalk Repairs (neighbors along 21st and 22nd, north of Knott)
  • Letter to city asking for change in sidewalk repair policy

7:30pm: Letter in support of Grant Park dog park (Steve)

7:35pm: Broadway/Weidler Coalition update (Peter and Steve)

7:45pm: Land Use (Dean)

  • Letter in support of bike improvements on Tillamook and Sullivan's Gulch Trail
  • Update on Committee actions
  • Proposed letter to developer at 7th and Thompson; update

8:00pm: Update on Benson Bubble (Nathan Corser)

8:10pm: Newsletter (Steve and Nathan Christensen)

8:15pm: Home Tour update (Pam and Brian)

8:20pm: New Business

8:30pm: Adjourned

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