Minutes for January 9th

Role call: Peter O’Neil, Peggy O’Neil, Jim Barta, Dean Gisvald, Susan Hathaway-Marxer, Pam Lindholm-Levy, Michela McMahon, Nathan corser, Marin shrout-pastor HPCOG, Nan Stark-BDS, Steve Cole, Emily Weltman, Barbara Christopher, Jason Messer

No officer tonight

Nan-comprehensive plan update (BDS)

  • Public comments from map app
  • Suggestions for commercial zones
  • General comments on 82nd ave (adding bikeways, trolley issue, improvements)
  • Streetcar suggestions for alberta, mlk
  • Historic district zoning issue-will it be EX-ed
  • Desire for more sidewalks
  • Better access in cully and east Portland
  • Pressure on older homes for tear downs for redevelopment
  • Dean brought up question of density and zoning

Notes from last meeting: Ammendments-Show Dean as in attendance; notes from past meeting
(Barb and Dean to meet with Sabin to discuss problem issues with tear downs, pop-ups and remodels) Strike skinny houses behind Whole Foods and put in problem developments in Sabin.

NECN- Jan 29th at 6:30 meeting for board members

New Trader Joes @ Alberta and MLK

  • Arguments against the PDC
  • Neighborhood wanting community center
  • Don’t want TJ’s gentrifying the neighborhood

Park deficient-Steve

Parks-Jason- Monkey Puzzle tree being removed; rapid decline; wood needs to be saved; was a lewis and clark expo tree- from 1905 seed; discussion of replacement tree


  • deadline for articles Feb 15th for the Mar 1st deadline
  • Liason with other newsletters/magazines
  • NECN info about neighbors nearby
  • Tree article from Jason
  • Oregon Community Warehouse on MLK-someone to write it?
  • Thank-you’s from charitable giving
  • Barb or neighbor article about GRIMM (Brian has photos)


  • Craig is behind but working on it
  • Barb soliciting articles and updated articles

Land Use

  • 22nd and Siskiyou-tear down of non-contributing structure
  • Appeal from a home owner
  • Barb and Dean meeting with Sabin about historic districts
  • News about CRC; car trips going down; potential article from Dean about anti CRC
  • Question about gas station in Elliot on 7th south of Knott o Regular date for land use mtg- Jan 30th

Charitable Giving

  • Nothing to report; waiting to hear from Sabin PTA
  • Playground improvement project for Sabin-potential article

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