Agenda for March 12th

7:00pm: Introductions and Approval of February Minutes

7:03pm: Police Report

7:07pm: Irvington School Update (Vice-principal Celina Garrido-Meyer)

7:10pm: Home Tour Update (Kim)

7:20pm: Update on Irvington NET Plan (Erik Hovmiller)

7:35pm: Land Use (Dean)

  • Comp plan
  • Permit parking
  • Public records request authorization

8:00pm: Capital Improvement Projects (Nathan)

  • Benson bubbler
  • Klickitat mall
  • Budget allocation (Jeff)

8:10pm: Broadway/Weidler Coalition update (Peter)

8:15pm: Historic Preservation Committee

8:20pm Website Update (Tiffanie)

8:25pm: Newsletter Article Volunteers & Discussion

8:30pm: New Business

8:35pm: Adjourned

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