Agenda for May 15th

7:00 pm: Introductions and Approval of March minutes

7:03: Police report?

7:10: A Better Oregon presentation (Reyna Lopez)

7:35 Resolution regarding speed and crossings on Fremont (Peter)

7:45: Land use (Dean) updates 

  • 13th street home demolition. 
  • Century Link Utility poles

8:00: Charitable giving committee update. (Susan) 

8:05: Sidewalk update. (Steve) 

8:10: Historic Committee (Barb) 

8:15: Broadway coalition update (Peter/Steve)

8:25: Upcoming election and potential new officer position 

8:30: New business 

Mt. Tabor reservoir   (tentative, depending on time) 

8:35: Adjourned

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