Minutes for April 11th

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. 

Officers in attendance: William Archer, Brian Schaeperkoetter, Jeff Jones, Steve Cole

Directors in attendance: Peter O’Neil, Erik Hovmiller, Jeff Kraft, Jim Barta, Dean Gisvold, Nathan Corser, Emily Weltman, Chris Poole-Jones, Michela McMahon

Guests: Mike and Susan Phipps, Jim Brown, Michael Thurnbure, Derek and Lindsay Wielkopolski, David Byrnes, Katy Asher, Lee Perlman 

Approval of Prior Minutes 
Moved, seconded and approved with amendments.

Healthy Kids/Healthy Portland Presentation 
Heidi Joel, a volunteer representative of Healthy Kids/Healthy Portland, presented data and information about water fluoridation chemicals in Portland’s water supply. She urged the ICA to vote on the ballot measure in the upcoming election.

Net Team/Disaster Awareness 
David Byrnes presented strategies for coping with a catastrophic event that will happen during a subduction earthquake. The disaster awareness team that he represents was founded on the idea that a neighborhood is best suited to represent and help itself in the event of a disaster. There is currently a program in Irvington and the parking lot at Westminster Church would be the “activation” point during an emergency. Katy Asher of the NECN mentioned that their organization has maps that show the type of soil/earth that neighborhoods are constructed on and how much risk might be involved during an earthquake. 

Treasurer Report 
Jeff Jones shared an updated proposed budget for the ICA. He reported that invoices and payments for the newsletter had stopped as of spring 2012 and this needs to be addressed. Eric Hovmiller volunteered to help sort this out and help Jeff Jones collect the outstanding payments. A motion was made to approve the ICA’s proposed budget as it stands. It was seconded and approved. 

Land Use Report 
Dean Gisvold reported on the following issues: 

  •         -  The Madeline School has appealed the City on the lighting issue. He reported that there has been no argument from the public on this issue and he expects that original decision will be upheld
  • There will be no April meeting for Land Use and HPC, as both chairs will be out of town.
  • Broadway Apartment Type 3 hearing went to Landmarks Commission and was amended with modest changes to be resubmitted on April 22.
  • 17th and Schuyler Type 3 appeal to Landmarks Commission. Four changes were proposed and accepted. The appeal will go back to Landmark Commission in May.
  • The Land Use Committee continues to work on Good Neighbor agreement and liquor license with Aztec Willies. Hearing will be held on April 12.
  • There was a discussion about the street changes near Madeline at NE Siskiyou. It was noted that the City did not send a notice to ICA prior to starting the project.

NECN Report
Steve Cole reported on progress with the NECN’s Airport Committee and the ongoing search for a new executive director. Katy Asher reported on a PPS candidate forum sponsored by NECN. On April 15 SALT will be hosting discussions on the fluoride measure.

Parks Report
Jeff Jones reported on Movies in the Park – July 20 (Life of Pi) and August 24 (42). Will also have three food carts a band and a climbing wall for kids.

Brian Schaeperkoetter reported that the Irvington Home Tour’s new website has been extremely successful and is currently handling ticket sales for the 2013 tour. He also reported on the summer newsletter, which will include an article on the IHT, ICA founder Fred Amerson, the Neighborhood Cleanup Day and the ICA-sponsored Benson Bubbler project.

New Business

  • Jeff Jones reported on the 9th and Fremont green crossing, which includes curb extensions to make a safer crossing.
  • Brian Schaeperkoetter asked for a representative to contact Willamette Week for their phone booth project.
  • Jim Brown voiced his concern about the fact that he and several of his neighbors feel they were not informed properly about the historic district. He is asking that the historic district be undone, or that a vote be taken about who wants to be in the district and who doesn’t.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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