Minutes for September 10th - Unofficial

Steven Cole, President, called the meeting to order at 7.06pm

Board members present: Steve Cole, William Archer, Susan Hathaway-Marxer, Peter O’Neil, Meryl
Logue, Colin Burn, Jon Eaton, Aaron Stuckey, Dean Gisvold, Nathan Corser, Tiffanie Shakespeare, Jim Barta, Christine Coers-Mitchell, Pam Lindholm-Levy, Sally Mcpherson, Michela McMahon, Jeff Jones.

Board members absent: Ryan Carson, Barb Christopher, Thomas Mertes, Jason Messer.

Visitors:  Kevin Sullivan, Kathleen Elwood, Celina ? (vice principal of Irvington school), Matt McAllister (community Police Officer).

Minutes: Dean Gisvold moved to approve the June minutes and Jeff Jones seconded. The minutes were

Report from the Police: Officer Matt McAllister from the North Precinct Neighborhood Response Team attended the meeting. The Officer discussed the chronic issues affecting the community including burglaries, drug activity, increased transient activity, and noisy/speeding vehicles on Knott, 9th, 15th & 22nd. In regards to the high bicycle thefts he recommended registering your bike at “Bike Index” and “Project 529”.

Jeff noted that there had been a lack of patrol cars in recent months and Officer McAllister strongly suggested that community members contact the non-emergency line 503 823 5700 when witnessing suspicious activity. Any increase in patrol would be complaint driven, if we want more patrols we have to call. The Officer confirmed that the increase in patrol cars does have a positive impact on crime numbers.

Jon asked about a police presence on the Irvington Next-Door site, and the Officer confirmed that they are not on yet but had plans to register.

Minimum Wage Group: Kevin Sullivan from the “Raise the Wage” campaign presented to the Board. The objective of the campaign is to raise the minimum wage to $13.15/hour, with no sanctions and include agricultural and restaurant workers.

Kevin is looking to expand the coalitions and asked for ICA support. Michela questioned whether the ICA has enough information to give support at this point, and Kevin urged anyone interested in volunteering to contact him by email Sullivan@ouroregon.org or WWW.Raisethewage.org

Land Use: Dean Gisvold, Chair of the Land Use Committee, gave a report of their activities.

  • NE 24th property- Code complaint and Historic Review - This is the first code complaint for the LUC and involves the removal of a porch without consent. The LUR are partnering with the City Dept. Building Services. Dean can provide more details to Board members if requested.
  • Marcus Apartments addition - The LUC objected to the second submission to add approx.. 10 new units. The Committee has not heard from the applicant in over three months.
  • NE 13th Property- proposed tear down and new build - The LUC have provided comments to the developer on size, scale mass and how it relates to neighboring properties. The Historic Land Commission, who doesn’t usually normally comment on individual houses, but has provided findings similar to the LUC.
  • NE Hancock partition- corner lot partition -The contributing house will remain, the parcel will be partitioned and a new two story home with basement ADU will be constructed. The LUC have found no issues to object on. Dean can provide Board members with more details if requested.
  • NE Hancock –Proposed eight unit apartment. - The developer owns neighboring property and is likely to transfer density rights to create a total of 19 units with six underground parking spaces. The developer is on third design and is working collaboratively with the LUC.
  • Parks Department – administrative rule on tree planting - Dean will review documentation and provide details to the ICA website.

Irvington School Principal and Assistant Principal: Kathleen Ellwood and Celina attended the meeting. Kathleen confirmed that the school received a check from the ICA to fund the student trip to Washington DC, and on behalf of the school thanked the ICA for their generosity.

The Principal discussed the increase in enrollment at the school, from the usual range of 460-470 to 502 students. The support for families and the community helped to get an additional kindergarten teacher to keep class sizes small.

Kathleen offered the ICA space in the school newsletter to help connect people to the community.

Tree Inventory: Peter gave a report on the tree inventory activities throughout the summer.

Three out of four survey days have been completed, the final day is Saturday. The volunteers have given over 300 hours to the task and have surveyed approx. 2000 trees.

The data will be used to provide a baseline for the existing tree location, canopy, species, age and general health and will be used to create a neighborhood plan for future planting recommendations.

NE Broadway/Weidler Alliance: Peter gave a report of their recent activities.

Carol Gossitt (of Sullivan’s Gulch) was elected President and Nate (of NE Business Association) was elected Vice President.

The N.N.E Business Association applied for membership to the Alliance and was approved. Guest speaker Steve Dotterrer gave an excellent presentation on the history of Portland transportation.

The Alliance is working on a “Better Blocks” initiative to temporarily restrict the use of the Broadway/Wielder corridor to vehicles and provide more room for bicycles and pedestrians.

Treasurer Report: Jeff Jones provided a report to the Board including a three year comparison of ICA

  • The Clean Up Day’s:  Income has stayed approx.  $1000+- for the last three years.
  • The Home Tour:  Income will have an update on financials shortly, but income is likely to be $30,000 with ticket sales and sponsorship down but with a decrease in expenses.
  • Movies in the Park: This year included sponsorship from the Whole Foods on 15th & Fremont, Jeff will provide the Board an update when final invoices have been completed.
  • Newsletter: Income has increased and expenses have decreased. “Community Newsletters” has taken over both production and printing and this has resulted in more reasonable costs.
  • Website: The Squarespace site was developed by Tiffanie at $0 cost, and funds allocated for development were able to be moved to the neighborhood project last Fall as agreed by the Board.
  • Ice cream social: Would benefit from improved event advertisement. The Board had a discussion for signage similar to the Home Tour to advertise specific ICA events.

Newsletter:  Steve is still waiting for newsletter articles from the following.

  • Meryl: Streetcar history
  • Kathleen: Irvington School
  • Steve Dean: Article of the Irvington Grounds Committee
  • Peter: Tree inventory
  • Susan: Charitable giving

Steve urged to have the submissions as soon as possible in order to meeting the printing deadlines for the September Newsletter. Jeff is able to provide detail on the deadline dates for each of the quarterly newsletters.

Walking Tour: The last one will be this Saturday, they have been very successful and the ICA has raised circa $500 from
these events.


  • “BOX” – Tiffanie gave a review of a new free to the ICA service. Box is providing free shared online storage utilizing the cloud and has given the Association 10 complimentary licenses with full permissions. The Box can restrict users to view/ download only permissions and should be a useful tool for the ICA.
  • National Park Service decision- the Service has ruled in the ICA favor in regards to the neighborhood boundary. There is no realistic route to challenge their decision. Susan reminded the ICA that this issue has had cost $3000 to hire Kirk Ranzetta. The decision will be posted on the ICA website and Steve will write an article to be included in the Fall newsletter.
  • Photos for ICA website- send to Tiffanie for upload.

Agenda items for next meeting.

  • Committee for Holiday party
  • By-laws – review committee Christine, Dean, Steve, Barb, & Susan.
  • Signs – further discussion on additional signs for clean-up day, ICA monthly meetings, ice cream social, movies in the park. The current home tour signs cost $13.49 each.
  • Use of “NextDoor” and Irvington School Newsletters for ICA meeting notifications.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:50 pm.

Download Unofficial Minutes Here