Minutes for October 13th

Irvington Community Association
Meeting Minutes
October 13, 2016
Prepared by: Joseph Albert

Board Members Present:
Steve Cole, Christine Coers-Mitchell, Joseph Albert, Peter O'Neil, Sally McPherson, Jeff Jones,
Howard (Huck) Bales, Tiffanie Shakespeare, Jason Messer, Pam Lindholm-Levy, Bob Dobrich, Sean Green, Nathan Corser

Neighbors and Guests:
Laurie Knightly, Alex Boyd

President Steve Cole calls meeting to order at 7:05pm


Minutes Approval
Motion and second to approve September 2016 minutes and October 2016 agenda, both approved unanimously.

Police Report
No police officer available for report

Land Use Report
No representative of the committee was available to give the report. We discussed the need to ratify a $250 expenditure for a guest speaker expense at the Architectural Heritage Foundation. It was noted that this was approving the expense after it was spent. Motion to approve was submitted and seconded, and it passed unanimously.

Treasurer Report
Jeff presented a spreadsheet accounting for income, expenses, and account values for 9/30/2016 end of fiscal year.

Klickitat Mall Status
Nathan presented a drawing of the fences and vegetation in the Klickatat Mall showing fences beyond property lines, laurel plants in the right of way, extending over the walkway, two trees in need of pruning, section of pavement to be removed and replaced, and a signpost that should be removed or replaced. ICA will fund a work party to do needed work, which will include pruning of laurels to 10' maximum height and 12' clearance between each side, selective pruning of two elm trees, and removal of some smaller bushes.

There was discussion about a more invasive approach of just removing all offending plantings and fences, but it was felt that the more nuanced approach described above was a prudent first step to foster goodwill with the affected neighbors and others.

Disaster Preparedness Committee Report
Huck gave a status report of the committee activities. Primary focus is for residents to map their neighborhood and plan for collaboration. This involves neighbors communicating with each other about disaster preparedness resources that different neighbors are maintaining, such as potable water, first aid resources, etc., and planning for collaboration in the event of a disaster-related emergency. There will be a November 13 planning event to kickoff the effort.

The City of Portland has relevant two organizational efforts:

  1. Irvington NET (Neighboorhood Emergency Team)
    Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) are Portland residents trained by PBEM and Portland Fire & Rescue to provide emergency disaster assistance within their own neighborhoods. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/pbem/31667?
  2. Neighborhood BEACN, which is an emergency communication device

Committee is requesting to move storage site for the BEACN from Irving Park to Irvington School as currently would have to move the BEACN from Irving Part to Irvington School for deployment in an emergency. Nathan suggested working with the school grounds committee.

Jeff discussed the successful movie showing in Irving Park.

Historic Preservation Committee
No report available

By-Law Revision
No update available at meeting.

Letterhead Update
No update available at meeting.

Sign Update
Close to having signs.

Irvington School Fundraiser and Volunteer Opportunity
Kelli is not present, but she is asking for volunteers, for the school fundraiser.

Holiday/Outreach Social Committee
Bob Dobrich chairs the committee. He reported that the goal is to restore the holiday party that has been organized in the past. The original purpose was to recruit board members. The committee has the goal of 100 people attending, and various ideas were discussed to make it to 100. It was felt that people are less likely to attend a potluck, so food and refreshments would be provided. Board members would be expected to bring a dish to share, and we would talk to relevant neighborhood business to see if they might be able to donate food or beverages. Thursday December 8 was proposed as a date for the event, but it was pointed out that this is the date of the neighborhood business owners Ladies Night Out event.

Better Broadway
No new activity to report.

Other ICA Business
Capitol Bar-- Dean, Steve, and the bar owners plan to meet, but it has been delayed because the owners are working on meeting additional requirements for permitting.

Woody is working on a draft of a position letter regarding the issue of fireworks in the neighborhood.

Meeting Closure

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