Agenda April 14th

7:00:      Introductions

7:03:      Approval of March minutes and April agenda

7:05:      Police report

7:10:      Land Use

  • ADU discussion (county taxation, design, comp. plan impact, etc.) and resolution (Peter O’Neil)
  • 7th Ave. greenway update (Steve)
  • Ratify TSP letter (Steve)

7:25:      Irvington Farmers Market (Wendy Jo Downing)

7:35:      Neighborhood Zipcar proposal (Chester Anderson) 

7:50:     Seismic retrofitting (Jessica Bond)

8:05:     Irvington School re-boundary plan and changes (Steve Cole) 

8:15:     Broadway Better Blocks demonstration and request for donation (Ryan Hashagen)

8:35:    Committee updates: Capital improvements; charitable giving; Irvington Cleanup; parks; emergency preparedness; 

8:45:     Home tour update (Pam Levy)

8:50:     BWA charrette update (Steve)

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