Agenda for March 9th

7:00:    Introductions

7:05:    Approval of February minutes and March agenda

7:07:    Report from Police

7:10:    Portland Streetcar (Dan Bower) - Overview of potential Broadway line

7:50:    Land Use Report (Dean)

  • Ratify letter to Eastmoreland
  • Short-term rentals (should complaints be filed)
  • If the property in question is being rented out as an AirBnB and is not licensed by the City, as of March 31, 2017, we will be able to file a complaint with BDS that will have real teeth. The license has a number of very specific rules:
  1. Owner/manager must live on site a min of 240 days a year
  2. No more than 5 persons may be housed in the short-term rental on the property (total) at one time
  3. If below grade, bedrooms must have legal egress windows
  4. There must be electrically interlinked smoke detectors in every bedroom and in the exterior hallways outside the bedrooms.

The penalty for operating a short term rental without a license and in violation of these rules ranges from $1000 to $5000 per occurrence. This can amount to serious money.

  • Other updates

8:10:    Disaster preparedness update (Huck)

8:15:    Neighborhood cleanup (Jason)

8:20:    Other COmmittee updates

8:25:    Other new business

  • Joseph's report on rooftop apple bandit

8:30:    Adjourned

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