Minutes for April 13th 2017

Irvington Community Association
Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2017
Prepared by
: Joseph Albert

Board Members Present:
Steve Cole, Joseph Albert, Tiffanie Shakespeare, Dean Gisvold, Peter O'Neil, Bob Dobrich, Michela McMahon, Christine Coers-Mitchell, Jim Barta, Howard Bales, Sally McPherson, Pam Lindholm-Levy, Susan Hathaway-Marxer, Barb Christopher, Aaron Stuckey, Nathan Corser, Brian Schaeperkoetter, Jon Eaton, Sean Green 

Neighbors and Guests:
Raina Smith-Rolles, Stuart Campbell, Ted Schneider, Kyna Rubin

President Steve Cole calls meeting to order at 7:10pm


Minutes Approval

Motion and second to approve March 2017 minutes and April 2017 agenda, both approved unanimously.

Police Report

No police officer available for report

Tree Committee

The tree committee now has content pages on the ICA web site.


May 20, 10-am to noon Holladay Church NE 21st and Tillamook, Neighborhood Tree Lecture and walk.

Urban Forestry to do tree survey in Irving Park.  There will be a training day in June for volunteers, day and time announced in May newsletter.

Fall and winter workshops on selecting trees for street or yard trees.

Future tour or Irvington broadleaf trees. 

Home Tour

There are lots of home tour followers on Facebook and Instagram
The Coleman-Scott home is on the tour this year.
Volunteers are needed: email to volunteer@irvingtonhometour.com if you wish to volunteer.
1-hour orientation at Irvington Club May 16 and 17.  Volunteer shifts are 3+ hours.
There will be a hometour cafe at Hancock School.
Radio ads have been discontinued, facebook ads are being used instead.
Tickets available at http://irvingtonhometour.com , Broadway Books, Cafe Destino, or Architectural Heritage Society 

Lloyd District Public Space Project

The Lloyd District Public Space project is a PSU Urban Studies graduate student project to develop a public space plan for GoLloyd, the Lloyd District Transportation Management Association.

Project is sponsored by Urban Studies professors Ethan Seltzer and Marissa Zapala.

Lloyd District boundaries are NE 15th, NE Broadway, I-84, and the Willamette River.

What would be a nice public space in the Lloyd district?  Citizens are encouraged to express their view in a survey at www.golloyd.org/PublicSpacePlan

Land-Use Report

Chloe Eudaly has now fired 1 dept heads, most recently Paul Scarlett the head of BDS.  Mr. Scarlett developed the Irvington Plan in 1990/1991.  He managed BDS with a 130% cost recovery on service fees, leading to an $80M reserve account.  A type 2 historic review is $1000.

The Landmarks committee completed its design review of the Tillamook Apartments project proposed for NE 13th and Tillamook.  The project was pilloried by 7 neighbors as being too big and too close to the street.  The proposal was rejected with instructions to reduce the number of stories from 3 to 2.  A revised proposal will be reviewed in May.

The residential infill project (RIP) has been reviewed by some academicians who found that the outcome was pre-determined without regard for the lack of evidence it would lower cost of housing.

PSU would like to have a “1-stop-shopping” facility for permitting ADUs.

Goal 5 is a proposal for state land-use rules for historic preservation.  Jim Heuer is on the advisory committee.  The intent is to strengthen rules for the administration of historic district principles.

A position paper advising the city on goal 5 issues has been prepared by the Portland Coalition for Historic Resources.  A motion was offered and seconded to support the positions taken in the paper and passed unanimously.

Klickitat Mall

Signs noted warning of herbicide spraying on Klickitat Mall.  Ray Askew has been busy with personal business.  Remaining pruning work on Klickitat Mall scheduled for April 23 9am-noon.

Street Painting 8th and Brazee

There will be a bird painting in the street at NE 8th and Brazee.  May 13 fundraising party at Otis Construction at 430 NE Knott.  June 4 is painting day.

Irvington School Bike Storage and Flag Pole

Anderson Construction is donating time and materials for a bike storage and storage shelter at Irvington School.  Elmer's is donating a new flagpole for the school.

Homeless Camps and HR 2215

HR 2215 Right to Rest has been sponsored by Lew Frederick and Tawna Sanchez and would allow putting up a tent almost anywhere on public land in the state, including city parks.

The Right 2 Dream Too homeless camp is relocating to the site of the old Thunderbird Motel between N. Interstate and the river, west of the Moda Center and Coliseum.

There was a neighborhood assault on April 11.  

Summer BBQ

One idea is a large block party on Knott between 17th and 18th.  Some participants liked the idea of a parade, and some expressed the view that the party should be family-friendly.

Neighborhood Cleanup

Cleanup is May 13 either 9am-2pm.  Meet at Holladay Church of God at NE 21st and Tillamook if interested in participating. Paper shredding at $7/box or $13/two boxes and paint/electronics recycling will be available. Contact board member Jason Messer for more information. 

Charitable Giving Committee

There are more volunteers than can be accommodated on the committee without clear guidelines on how to select committee.  Committee to decide on an equitable plan.

Disaster Preparedness Committee Report

Parents for Preparedness is a coalition of parents in PPS.
May 23 6:30pm-8pm – Mercy Corps preparedness event at Irvington School.

New Business

June meeting will include elections for board members and officers.

Meeting Closure

A motion to close the meeting was initiated, seconded, and approved unanimously.  The meeting closed at 8:50pm.

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