Minutes for June 8th, 2017

Irvington Community Association Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2017
Prepared by:
Joseph Albert

Board Members Present: Steve Cole, Joseph Albert, Peter O'Neil, Bob Dobrich, Christine Coers-Mitchell, Howard Bales, Pam Lindholm-Levy, Aaron Stuckey, Jon Eaton, Sean Green, Jeff Jones, Josh Plager, Barb Christopher, Tiffanie Shakespeare, Jim Barta, Dean Gisvold, Sally McPherson, Susan Hathaway-Marxer

Neighbors and Guests: Jim Heuer, Cynthia Chase, Jolene Allen, Wendy Jo Downing, Bill Dickens, Joanna Ferry

President Steve Cole calls meeting to order at 7:08pm



Approval Motion and second to approve May 2017 minutes and June 2017 agenda, both approved unanimously.

Police Report

No police officer available for report.

Irvington Farmer's Market

Wendy Jo Downing signed up for Double-Up Food Bucks, a Snap Matching funds program. Motion to sponsor the program for $2500 was seconded and passed to formalize a previous email decision by the board to do this sponsorship.

There will be an ICA booth at the Irvington Farmer's Market on some to-be-determined weekends.

Land-Use Report

Some board members attended the town hall organized by Speaker Kotek and passed out handouts on HB2007. Representatives seemed to get the message even though no questions about the bill were allowed. Town hall discussed what might be called Measure 97 light with a lower tax rate and funds earmarked for education.

Land-use committee has 5 pending applications for historic design review, typical for the time of year.

A motion to authorize $2000 for legal analysis of HB2007 with authorization for possible additional funds to be approved over the summer by an email vote of the board was seconded and passed unanimously. Funds will be disbursed to Restore Oregon likely to retain land-use attorney Carrie Richter.

It was reported that version 2 of the bill is the current version and version 4, while less onerous, is based on amendments not yet passed to be incorporated.

Steve Cole had distributed a draft of a transportation letter opposing the widening of I-5 before the meeting. A motion for Steve to complete the letter and send the updated version to the legislature was seconded and passed with two abstentions.

Summer Party

Summer party plans have derailed due to issues around serving alcohol in potential parking lots, most of which are owned by neighborhood churches. Irving Park is also a difficult place to have a party with alcohol served. Perhaps the summer party will just be canceled and the focus of the Social Committee will be on the Holiday Party. Other options discussed were an ice cream social on Nat'l Night Out, or serving fudgecicles on movie night in Irving Park.

Charitable Giving Committee

Committee of Jeff Jones, Aaron Stuckey, Nathan Corser, Tiffanie Shakespeare, Dean Gisvold, and Susan Hathaway-Marxer met and planned for funding 13 grant requests to disburse a budget of $20,000. It was stated that eligibility requirements are either to be a service located/headquartered in Irvington, or a school. A motion to approve the funding was seconded and passed unanimously.

Allocation is:

  1. Meals on Wheels $2500
  2. Home Forward $2700
  3. Irvington Preschool $1500
  4. Hancock St. Preschool $1500
  5. Grant High All-Night Party next year $1500
  6. Community Alliance of Tenants $1000
  7. Metropolitan Family Service Project Linkage $2500
  8. Sabin K-8 School $2000
  9. Beaumont Middle School $1000
  10. NE Child Development $700
  11. Community Warehouse $500
  12. Irvington K-8 School $1500
  13. Irvington Soccer Club $1100

Co-Chair Appointments

Jim Barta was appointed co-chair of the Land-Use Committee
Bob Dobrich was appointed co-chair of the Charitable Giving Committee

Home Tour

Data about number of tickets sold and funds raised was not available during the meeting. Joseph agreed to request the data by email. He has done so, requesting that the data be shared with the board by email.

Neighborhood Cleanup

There was a steady stream of cars, and about $900 was raised.


The following officers were elected for next year.

President: Steven Cole
Vice President: Christine Coers-Mitchell
Secretary: Joseph Albert
Treasurer: Jeff Jones
Communications and Websites: Tiffanie Shakespeare

The following members were elected to fill currently open 2-year board positions.

Howard Bales, Jim Barta, Sarah Burns, Bob Dobrich, Sean Green, Susan Hathaway-Marxer, Alex Michel

Doug Cooke was elected to fill the remaining year of a vacated open board position

New Business

June 10 Irvington Walking Tour contact robert@househistorypdx.com for more information.

Meeting Closure

A motion to close the meeting was initiated, seconded, and approved unanimously. The meeting closed at 9:08pm.  

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