Minutes February 8th 2018

Irvington Community Association Meeting Minutes
February 8, 2018
Prepared by: Liz Morgan

President Steve Cole called meeting to order at approximately 7:00 pm

Board members & directors in attendance: Steve Cole, Peter O'Neil, Doug Cooke, Huck Bales, Jim Barta, Bob Dobrich, Sarah Burns, Liz Morgan, Nathan Corser, Josh Plager, Michella  McMahon, Pam Lindholm-Levy, Dean Griswold, Jon Eaton, Tiffanie Shakespeare.

Neighbors and guests in attendance: Katie Meckes, John Brennan, Barbara Nagle and her husband, Laura Knightly, Jim Heuer

Minutes Approval
Dean Gisvold moved to approve the January minutes and February agenda. Peter O'Neil seconded. The motion passed.

Katie Meckes, East Mult. Soil and Water Conservation District Presentation

  • kicking off spring workshop season
  • local unit of gov’t, “special district”, mission to help people care for land and water
  • funding comes from property tax dollars
  • give away money for grants to help people implement practices that help iprove water quality and keep soil healthy, raise gen. awareness about conservation issues
  • Urban Lands: offer workshops in way ts  to landscape and garden without synthetic herbicides and pesticides
    • Create urban wildlife habitats
    • Offer six topics: nature scaping, rain gardens (managing storm water), native plants, invasive weeds, pollinators and beneficial insects
    • Spring: February through June
    • Fall: September through December
    • Mult. Co. east of the Willamette River
  • Always looking for small businesses, non-profits, Comm. Organizations to host workshops
    • Partner and offer presenters and take care of registration
    • Host simply finds location that wouldn’t cost money to rent
      • Max of 40-45 people per workshop (25-30 show up) because single presenter
      • Need space to present a slide show
      • Usually classroom style but maybe with outside component to tour a local yard that serves as a habitat
  • Jim asked if there is any cnxn to the city’s approval of trees at residences for replacement
    • Katie recommends pairing with Friends of Trees
  • board member asked, because material was printed in 2013, if there is consideration for plants more durable with climate change
    • this is under consideration but Katie acknowledged she is not the plant “expert” and that another person in her organization could address this

Discussion of parking permit district in southern portion of Irvington

  • it had been approved by the board in 2013 but needed to go through the city
  • summary
    • in SW corner of Irvington, up against the light industrial area nad Lloyd Distrct and Holladay Post Office
    • people have to pay for parking so they park in Irvington and walk to their work
    • Elliot is facing similar problems around Rose Quarter event area
    • Some people don't view as a problem but rather think it's a part of city living
    • Want to propose for business hours 8-5pm
      • Also exemption for non-profit
      • Also exemption for low-income folks
    • Need to send a letter by March 3 to PBOT
      • Dean says there will be a bunch of neighborhoods apply and they will pick 1 or 2
        • Dean pointed out we tried in the 80s or 90s and there was a lot of opposition who viewed the fee ($25 or $35) as a tax
    • Two public housing projects
      • Requirements for the larger parking standard can’t be met because most people in those buildings don't have cars and don’t apply
        • This doesn't require full buy in
    • Dean reminded us that Bonneville used to pay for a bus to pick up employees in this area and they wrote a letter and got it changed
  • Steve Cole points out businesses would probably have concerns about permit districts.
  • One person asked if the buildings will accommodate for parking
    • Steve pointed out Oregon Square and the building by Lloyd will have parking but not one-for-one
    • Dean pointed out there is an exemption for buildings if they are within 500 feet of a business corridor
  • The question is what is the threshold to the point at which we address this?
  • We don't need to put together a proposal but rather show we are interested to be considered
  • The motion passes

Land Use (Dean):

  • Response to Portland 4 Everyone:
    • Irvington has twice the capacity for the housing that is needed in the next 20 years (incl. duplexes on corner and ADUs)
    • IHD twice the density of the city-wide average
    • Apartments, offices, affordable housing
    • 2,300 single family lots
    • Dean argues that if we allow 2 ADUs on each lot, that would triple density
    • and then allow a triplex on each corner
    • current RIP has no control over prices or rents
    • homelessness won’t be touched by RIP
    • concerned it will continue the demolition
    • Irvington has only had one demolition, but it was non-contributing
    • Sarah argued that a house that is $250,000 (Dean’s case study) probably wasn’t acceptable for loan purchase
    • Better Housing By Design
    • Affects only the multifamily areas R1, R2, RH
    • Portland is unusual in the amount of old housing stock
    • Discussion amongst neighbors on how much RIP would affect the neighborhood
    • Dean & Jim feel strongly about proposing edits to RIP   
  • Request for contribution of $1,000 to the Mult. Neighborhood Association DLCD
    • We would be funding their appeal re: comp. plan process:
    • Steve noted the neighborhood wants to limiting heights to 2-3 stories in their neighborhood.
    • Steve called for the vote. Liz, Steve and Sarah voted “nay”, Huck abstained, the remainder of the board voted "aye": APPROVED    
  • Discussion of “hotel” on NE 9th
    • 100 Airbnb Irvington Listings, only 50 are permitted
    • Barbara lives next door to a house that was being run by a company called “White Spider” in May
      • Workshops for businesses, family reunions, bachelor parties, drunks on the street at 2am, etc.
      • October it was sold to new owner
        • Applied for Type A permit and Type B permit
    • Land use committee trying to figure out what to do
  • Woodlawn/Lloyd Bike Corridor update (Steve)

Letter encouraging city to enact temporary safety measures on Broadway

  • ask Dan Saltzman to bump this issue up on the list
  • switch pedestrian symbols and lights
  • remove a lane
  • Motion: APPROVED

Committee updates

  • Holiday party (Bob)
    • Approx. 250 people
    • Children’s party followed by adult’s party
      • Both were a huge success
    • Introduced younger folk to what the ICA is and informed them of committee opportunity
    •  Going to put together a program for sponsorships moving forward
    •  Come out under budget!
  • Safety Committee (Presented by Bob in light of Christine’s absence)
    • Goals:
      • Securing beat patrols for Broadway
      • Workshop for Irvington on crime prevention
    • Change in leadership in the police department but still have confirmed at least one walking beat policeman per week
    • Public Safety Action meetings have been cancelled due to change in police department but stay tuned
    • Next meeting is Tuesday, Feb 20th at Westminster Church – Fireside Room
      • After that, Third Monday of every month
  • Home Tour Updates
    • Sarah has been helping round up volunteers
    • Continuing search for six houses (currently two houses secured)
  • Disaster Preparedness (Huck)
    • Update on Shed at Irvington Elementary School
    • Great turn out for disaster meeting
      • Where do we meet?: middle of the block, middle of the street (after caring for one’s own home)
        • Building community on each street
          • Hope to help this grow

New Business

  • Irvington is converting to a K-5
  • Proposed boundary change to Irvington boundaries extending to 27th south of Knott.
  • New 20 MPH speed zone
    • City will not be enforcing that but hoping it will dissuade people from speeding
  • ICA will send a letter urging PDX to enforce their AirBnb regulations

Meeting adjourned at approx. 8:50 p.m.

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