Minutes April 12th 2018

Irvington Community Association Meeting
April 12, 2018
7:00 pm; Irvington School library

7:00: Introductions

7:03: Approval of March minutes and April agenda

  • Minutes approved

  • Dean added comments

7:05: Star Voting initiative (Sara Wolf) – Equal Vote Coalition

  • Been working on the initiative for two years now, trying to get it on the ballet for November, need 30K signatures by mid-July, would use as a pilot project in Multnomah County by 2020

  • Endorsements from Honest Elections, Bernie PDX

  • Board members and volunteers from each political party

  • To volunteer: pdx@equal.vote

  • Starvoting.us (visit website to see ballot initiative)

  • Currently for county-wide initiatives only

  • Alex Michel proposed a motion to endorse the initiative

  • Second: Liz Morgan

  • Yay: Liz Morgan, Alex Michel, Peter O’Neill, Steve Cole

  • Nay: Dean Griswold, Susan, Jim, Tiffanie Shakespeare, Bob, Pam

  • Abstain: Nathan, Sara

7:15: Northwest Student Exchange (Patricia Runner)

  • Exchange students pay their own way but there is no stipend

  • Welcome single and two-parent homes with or without children

  • Patricia left some information.

7:20: ODOT presentation regarding proposed I-5 expansion (Cassie Davis or other ODOT representative)

  • Doug Zann (ODOT), PBOT representative (Caitline Reff) and ODOT (Megan Channel)

  • In environmental review phase, intend to give project details

  • One of the most heavily trafficked areas in the city

  • 70+ options were reviewed.

  • Planning process started in 2010 – merging ODOT need to connect safety of highway traffic with PBOT’s concern with street level traffic and safety

    • Existing crossings of the highway need to come down

    • Build highway covers rather than narrow street crossing

      • Highway covers are owned by the state and leased out for usage which is still being determined

    • Supports Central City 2035 plan

    • Hancock-Dixon Crossing

      • Connects Broadway-Weidler with Lower Albina

    • Clackamas Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

    • Aligned with Vision Zero Project

  • This proposal suggests it will create up to 50% reduction in crashes through more ramp-to-ramp connections which provides a third lane for emergency responder access and space for disabled vehicles

  • Timeline

    • June 2017-Dec 2018: Planning & Environmental Review

      • Transportation, land use, etc.

    • Earliest kickoff 2023

  • Questions

    • Is this paying attention to the streetcar plans?

      • This proposal does not close any doors on tunnel ideas

    • 21st Highway crossing for bikes, is that addressed here?

      • No, that is a part of the Broadway Corridor plan that will be tied in

    • What about “congestion” (or “value”) pricing?

      • Tolls on the freeway

      • ODOT is leading a study right now, they don’t yet have the recommendations yet to know how it will impact the current plan

      • Should be concluded by end of 2018 calendar year

      • Portland City Council would like to include the findings in this plan

    • Dean: Are you taking any property from the Madrona Building?

      • No, none.

    • Liz: What cities are you studying?

      • They are looking at Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Seattle (has several covers)

    • There will be online surveys. They’ll have community gatherings so show what’s possible

7:50: Land Use Committee (Dean)

  • RIP update

    • Recommends we look at his summary: highlights are 64-page staff conversation

    • There is a hearing on May 8th, 5pm at 1900 Building, Room 2500 and May 15th

    • Hopefully we will have something for the board to vote on

  • 9th Ave. hotel discussion

    • Must have comments in by April 23rd

    • Dean motions for the Board to oppose the issuance of a B Short Term Rental Permit for four bedrooms and ten guests. In the event that BDS approves the B-permit over the objection of the ICA Board, the board authorizes the appeal to the hearings officer and a request for a fee waiver as a part of the appeal

    • Second: Susan

    • Passes in full

8:20: SGNA pilot permit parking proposal

  • Motion from Dean to send a letter about joining with SGNA; seconded.

    • Passes in full

8:30: Charitable giving committee update

  • Electronic application is being implemented instead of paper application

8:40: Other Committee updates

  • Safety committee

    • Met last month and had a lot of discussion about graffiti and property vandalism and concern it might be gang tagging

    • City Council could be doing something about it

    • Opposing the closing of the graffiti abatement program

    • Working with ONI for materials on how to secure your own property

    • Straw vote indicated interest in holding a candidate forum

    • Meet 3rd Monday of each Month at the Westminster building

  • Home tour

    • Brian sent email with concern that we aren’t integrated enough with home tour committee

    • Would like more ICA members on the committee

    • Currently have enough houses, volunteers largely worked out

8:50: Discussion of where to have the June ICA meeting

  • Westminster or Lagunitas Brewery suggested

  • Susan expressed displeasure at a location serving beer

  • Move to get Steve to figure it out, Accepted

  • Steve will make an executive decision

8:55: New business

  • No new business

9:00: Adjourned