Agenda May 10 2018

Irvington Community Association Meeting
May 10, 2018
7:00 pm; Irvington School library


7:00: Introductions

7:03: Approval of April minutes and May agenda

7:05: Determination as to whether to support Star Voting initiative (presented at last meeting and continued for a month so that board members can view the ballot initiative)

7;10: Tillamook Greenway presentation (Liz Rickles; Capitol Project Manager Sheila Parrott, City Bicycle Coordinator Roger Geller, and Traffic Engineer Scott Batson)

7:30: Revisit ICA endorsement of 1% surcharge on large businesses.

7:45: Land Use (Jim Barta)

  • Possible resolution to oppose RIP (should be sent out for board review prior to the meeting)

  • 9th Ave. hotel update

  • SGNA parking proposal update

  • 15th street house with large concrete wall who removed 3 healthy trees and failed to replace them and who is operating with expired permits. (Kyna)

  • Resolution to city requesting it revisit the approval of the wall and demand that the city enforce replacement of the street trees.

8:00: Charitable giving committee update

  • Request for approval of guideline and process revisions

8:10: Election process update and approval

8:20: Other Committee updates

  • Safety committee

  • Home tour

  • Cleanup update

8:30: New business

8:40: Adjourned