Minutes May 10 2018

Irvington Community Association Meeting
May 10, 2018
7:00 pm; Irvington School library

7:02 Introductions

  • Agenda approved

  • Star voting initiative mentioned for review later.

  • In attendance:

    • Liz Tyler, Jim Barta, Mal Lyndall, Alex Michelle, Peter O’Neil, Nathan Corser, Stephen Cole, Christina Cores Mitchel, Brian Schaeperkoetter, Pam Lindholm-Levy, Nikki Johnston, Cassandra Kelly, Brad Perkins, Tiffanie, John Eaton, Sean Green, Doug Cooke, Brad Perkins.
From PBOT: Roger Geller, Liz Rickles, Sheila Parrot

7:03: Approval of April minutes and May agenda

  • Minutes approved

7:05: PBOT: Neighborhood Greenway Projects

  • Proposed enhancements for neighborhood greenway discussion to enhance neighborhood and increase traffic.

  • Flint and Vancouver, 20th and Tillamook, etc.

  • Looking for feedback

  • Would like to hold community meeting open house

  • Letters will go out to neighbors regarding proposed changes

  • Comments:

    • Visual noise with the new bike crossings is not in keeping with historic district

    • Answer: Green is mandated by state, borrowed from the Dutch.

    • 21st and Tillamook draws a lot of discussion

    • Speedbumps divert car headlights up, making it harder on other people’s eyes at night.

    • Speedbumps are generally objected to as a heavy-handed approach and light-diverting issues.

    • Tillamook “bike highway” makes it much less safe for residents and kids playing.

    • Various opinions for and against various solutions to the “safety problem”.

    • SE Portland bikeways is next Sunday

7:45: Revision to backing the 1% surcharge on large businesses.

  • Discussion about rescinding our endorsement until more is learned

  • Nathan Corser moves to rescind

  • In favor: All:

    • Second:

    • Passes in full

7:48: Land Use Committee

  • RIP (Residential Improvement Project)

  • 9th Ave Airbnb has much opposition

  • SGNA (neighborhood association) parking program – they did not qualify

  • 15th and Siskiyou: Owner is building a large wall. Large concrete walls are not subject to design review. There has been concern with it killing the large Sequoia. Owner has been responsive to guidance and reviews.

7:55: SGNA pilot permit parking proposal

  • Motion from Dean to send a letter about joining with SGNA; seconded.

    • Passes in full

8:05: Charitable giving revisions

  • Motion: Peter O’Neil

  • Second: Nathan Corser

  • Passed: all

8:08: Home Tour (Brian Schaeperkoetter)

  • Challenging year:

  • Many committee retirees

  • Getting homes has been difficult

  • Down seven volunteers - Need more volunteers

  • Suggestion to review charitable giving in light of the degree to which organizations volunteers

8:14 Election Process Update (Peter O’Neil)

  • Current status: 17 board of director and 5 officers, elected in June

  • Problem: People who are not voted go unutilized

  • Proposal: Elect all 22 board members, then elect 5 officers subsequently from the board members

  • Motion to act to waive the bylaws for June to impellent the suggested election process. (Peter O’Neil)

  • Second (xxxxxxx)

  • In favor: All except…

  • Object: Christine Coers-Mitchel

8:27: Irvington Cleanup (Jason)

  • Volunteer if you can - this Saturday (5.12)

8:32 Treasurer Review (Jeff)

  • Klickitat Mall was “big ticket” item

  • Charitable giving: $20,000 + $24,000 more for education

  • Home Tour: $1500 was given to “Something Special Memorial Fund” for help support home tour dinner.

  • Holiday party was $2500.

  • Capital improvements (to be addressed by Nathan Corser)

  • July 21st Irvington movie (July 21st), Warmup band: Grey Dogs

8:38 Capital improvements

  • Capital expenditures are supposed to be for fixing things (like Klickitat Mall).

  • Application was submitted by Huck bales to help offset cost on shed at Irvington.

  • Voting on $2700 in funds for the shed funds approval will be in June.

  • More engagement with Irvington Tennis Club is desired by some.

8:47 Making intersection of Thompson and Brazee safer.

  • Neighbor requested support for 4-way stop signs

  • It’s the western-most exit for kids at Irvington School

  • 12th gets a lot of traffic of all types and with speed there are many accidents.

  • Nathan suggests PBOT is responsive and could be contacted about the matter.

  • Steve noted that PBOT considered 4-way stops at non-busy intersections to be dangerous.

  • Suggestion made to consider painting intersection if all 4 corner neighbors agree

8:56: Need nominations for board members (Peter O’Neil)

8:58 New business

  • No new business

8:59: Adjourned