Minutes for December 13th

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Officers in attendance: William Archer, Steve Cole, Brian Schaeperkoetter, Jeff Jones

Directors in attendance: Eric Hovmiller, Barb Christopher, Pam Lindholm‐Levy, Brad Perkins, Jeff Kraft, Chris Poole‐Jones, Christine Coers‐Mitchell, Dean Gisvold

Guests: Lee Pearlman, Steve Gemmell (Earthquake Tech), Officer Josh Ballard

Approval of Prior Minutes
Moved, seconded and approved.

Police Report
Officer Josh Ballard reported on trends in crimes. Neighborhood crime – including thefts — have decreased in the past several months. Barb Christopher clarified the neighborhood boundary nuances and asked about including Sabin and Alameda overlaps in Irvington’s crime stats.

Historic Preservation Committee
Barb Christopher reported on the recent HPC meeting. The Committee heard a pending matter on design changes to the Irvington Club, which will be coming to the Land Use Committee. She also updated the board on the historic code improvement project, and added that the Historic Neighborhood Coalition is not happy with the document as produced and will continue to push to see things they would like see incorporated. Barb also discussed the HPC’s century house program for 2013, which include 105 houses and structures in the district. The HPC will send letters to property owners before the end of the year so they can receive yard signs.

Earthquake Retrofitting
Steve Gemmell Earthquake Tech attended the meeting at the request of an Irvington homeowner, who did not show up for the meeting. Steve offered information about earthquake retrofitting in an historic district. Dean Grisvold clarified that the ICA has had no land use applications regarding retrofitting. Barb Christopher suggested that Mr. Gemmell attend an upcoming Land Use and HPC meetings to discuss his concerns.

Steve Cole reported that the NECN is currently seeking a new director; PPS changes to the Jefferson school cluster; and the $1,000 communications grant, which was awarded to the ICA for 2013 work.

Land Use Committee
Dean Gisvold reported on the NE 8th renovation project, saying that the window replacement project in question was double checked with Dave Skilton and the project was moving forward. He also reported on the Madeline Church noncompliant lighting issue. Neighbors and the church have accepted the appeal terms and the lights will be removed from the historic portion of the building. Dean also reported that there are two pending cases currently with the Land Use Committee.

Newsletter Website
Brian reported on three candidates who have expressed interest in the newsletter editor position, plus a handful of writers and photographers.

NE Broadway Business Association
Pam reported on the Portland Spirit Award that the area has won. Suggested that the ICA join NEBBA. A motion was made for the ICA to join NEBBA and have the ICA president attend or appoint a delegate to attend the meetings. The motion was seconded and passed.

Commendation Award
Brad Perkins presented designs for an Irvington Community Association “Neighborhood Pillar” award. Jeff Jones raised the possibility of a public place where names could be added over the years. As discussion followed about honoring a person — for example Mary Piper — with a plaque on a public capital project. A motion was made by Dean Gisvold to spend $250 to buy a membership or donation to an organization (ie: Architectural Heritage Center) in Mary Piper’s name. The motion was seconded with a friendly amendment that the gift honor both Mary and her husband, Smith. William and Barb will make recommendation about organizing the commemorative gift for Mary. The motion will be voted on at the January meeting.

Capital Projects
Jeff Jones reported on notes, compiled by Nathan Corser, on proposed Neighborhood Capital Project planning. Ideas included a pathway around Irving Park, fencing for the off‐leash area, moving off‐leash area, murals on NE Broadway buildings, Benson Bubbler and crosswalks on Fremont.

Jeff Jones then reported on the capital campaign project proposal process that was developed in 2006, which could be used as a guideline for moving future projects ahead.

A budget will be brought forth in January meeting for $17,000 for charitable giving and $15,000 for capital projects.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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Minutes for September 13th

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Officers in attendance: William Archer, Brian Schaeperkoetter, Mary Piper Officers absent: Pam Lindholm‐Levy,

Directors in attendance: Peter O’Neil, Steve Cole, Jim Barta, Jeff Jones, Jeff Kraft, Susan Hathaway‐Marxer, Jason Messer, Chris Poole‐Jones, Eric Hovmiller, Christine Coers‐ Mitchell, Barb Christopher, John Milliken, Emily Weltman

Directors absent: Nathan Corser, Dean Gisvold, Michaela McMahon

Guests: Lee Pearlman, Molly Gloss, Jasmine Zimmerman‐Stucky, Joshua Curtis, Jay Sugnut, Jim Heuer, Diana Hale

Approval of Prior Minutes
Moved, seconded and approved with stated amendments.

Coal Presentation
Jasmine Zimmer‐Stucky offered a presentation on coal exports on the Columbia River.

PPS School Bond Campaign
Joshua Curtis from Our Portland Our Schools explained the upcoming school bond and reasons why the ICA should support it.

Library District Measure
Molly Gloss discussed November library measure to establish permanent stable funding for the library.

Treasurer’s Report
Mary Piper presented the ICA budget for FY 11‐12. Mary will file the FY 11‐12 tax return and will also prepare a budget for FY 12‐13. She raised a recommendation to tighten up advertising payments for both the home tour and newsletter and have upfront payment, rather than after ads publish. Mary counseled that the ICA is in a good position to begin soliciting for a capital project for the neighborhood. The FY 12‐13 budget will be approved by vote at the October meeting.

Treasurer Replacement
William discussed the possibility of the ICA launching a neighborhood capital project. He reminded the board that the ICA currently has a process in place for a committee to move ahead with capital projects. A suggestion was made to have the board funnel ideas to one person who will create a list of possible projects for discussion at the October meeting. William also announced that Mary Piper will step down as treasurer, and a replacement will need to be found. Jeff Jones offered to take the position on an interim basis. It was moved that the ICA have a special election to elect Jeff as interim treasurer. The motion was seconded and approved.

Peter O’Neil reported on the NECN’s decision to terminate Paige Coleman as executive director. He reported that NECN member Shoshana Cohen has stepped in as interim director. Steve Cole reported that the NECN is in good shape with Shoshana’s help, and is in the process of assessing where they are as an organization.

Land Use
Jim Barta reported that it has been a busy summer for the Land Use Committee with plenty of projects, including the following report from Jim Barta:

  • Tara Doherty presented proposal for 3036 NE 19th Ave. She answered some questions @ potential runoff & window design. We reminded her we are advisory body, other parties will have opportunity to comment, city is final decision maker. No objections.
  • Because Tiekotters were at meeting, we discussed Bagwell appeal. We explained that we planned to follow‐up with Landmarks to ensure all are aware of what was determined about review process & policy. Barb explained the revised design and staff report are "the best we are going to get" here.
  • We discussed the complaint on Tiekotters property. After Tiekotters shared photos of work done on windows, we explained this would require design review. We recommended they set up appoint with Dave Skilton to move forward. We suggested they request Dave allow them to use photos and sketched for application material to save money on drawings. Everyone agreed this was the best way for Tiekotters to remove compliance issues from their property.
  • LU 12‐172254 HDZ‐707 NE Tillamook. Group decided we need to recommend denial.
  • LU 12‐177380‐ 3243 NE 13th. No objections.
  • Discussed appeal hearing of Madeline lights scheduled for 10/8/12. I shared the narrative submitted to City on 8/2712. Barb plans to attend, and she believes Jim Heuer will attend. I will attend if possible. There was discussion of need for "game plan" we expect the applicant to make a good presentation before Landmarks.
  • Discussed Code improvement project. Per Barb, the neighborhood coalition will give our feedback to staff on draft plan by end of next week.

Web and Newsletter Report
Brian Schaeperkoetter reported that the Fall newsletter is underway and will publish in October. He also reported that the ICA site is in progress. Barb and Brian explained that as the project moves along, committee chairs will be tapped to contribute to their areas of the site, plus look at current site to determine what info should stay and what should go.

Irvington Farmers Market
Brad Perkins reported that the market has four weekends left.

Jeff Jones reported Movies in the Park were a success. The July film drew a smaller audience of 600 due to weather. The August film had an estimated audience of 2,000. The National Night Out event, which featured donated food from Whole Foods in Irving Park, drew a crowd of 30 to 40 people. Jason Messer suggested that next year’s event needed more signage and pre‐promotion to draw a larger crowd.

Historic District/Historic Resource Code Improvement
Jay Sugnet from the PDX Bureau of Planning and Sustainability discussed the Historic Resources Code Improvement Project, along with Diane Hale, who is the primary author of the code. Discussion topics during the meeting included garage renovations; vinyl siding; examples of historic codes in comparable cities; questions about what triggers a historic design review; BPS vs. BDS responsibilities; and procedural issues with the ICA’s upcoming window weatherization guidebook. Jay asked for comments to the Historic Resource Code Improvement plan by October 17. Barb reported that the ICA’s Historic Preservation Committee will meet September 19 to discuss and forward comments.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

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