Agenda for May 12th

7:00         Introductions

7:05:        Approval of minutes and Report from Police

7:10:        Land Use Report

  • Marcus Apartments update
  • 2602 NE 13th update and report
  • 1133 NE Hancock partition of current 90 by 60 lot and new construction with ADU
  • 2125 NE Hancock new 8 unit apartment building with parking 

7:20:        7th ave. greenway update

7:35:        Potential Irvington School changes and Tubman Middle School recomendation

7:55        Disaster preparedness committee update (Huck)

8:05:        Charitable Giving Committee update

8:10:        Better Broadway update

8:15:        Communications update - Transfer of hometour site

8:25:        Home tour update

8:30:        New business

8:35:        Officer Nomination update

8:40:        Adjourned


Agenda for January 8th ICA Meeting


  • Introductions 
  • Approval of November minutes

7:03pm: Police report

7:10pm: Blackwater brewpub informational update (Keith)

7:25pm: Land use (Dean)

  • Update
  • 2106 NE 11th triplex conversion with single family addition.
  • Blackwater good neighbor agreement resolution

7:45pm: Newsletter update (Steve/Jeff)

  • Request for articles

7:50pm: Website committee update and demonstration (Tiffanie/Barb)

8:00pm: Historic district challenge (Steve/Barb/Dean/Jim) 

8:20pm: Home tour (Pam/Brian)

8:25pm: Budget (Jeff) 

8:30pm: New business

8:35pm: Adjourned

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