Agenda September 13, 2018

Irvington Community Association Monthly Business Meeting September 13, 2018


I. Introductions (7:00) 

II. Approval of Agenda and June Minutes 

III. Guest Presentation: Clean Energy Fund Initiative (re-review); Lenny Dee, Melissa Ribner 

IV. Guest Presentation: Defend Oregon (ballot measures focus on 103&104), Dana Freedenfeld

V. PBOT Greenway: 7th and 9th Ave, Follow Up Board Discussion from June presentation 

VI. LUC recommendation to contribute to Restore Oregon for an appeal to LUBA, Dean and Jim 

VII. Presidents Report: Committees, Goals for the Year, Budget (8:00) 

VIII. Officers Reports 

XI. Committee Reports

a. Land Use (LUC)

i. Report

ii. RIP/BHD Updates

b. Communications

i. Newsletter
c. Community Connections

d. Disaster Prep

e. Other Committee Updates

X. New Business 

XI. Adjourn (9:00) 

Revised 9/13/18