The Irvington Historic District includes the area from the middle of NE Fremont Street south to the middle of NE Broadway Street., and from the middle of NE 7th St. east to the east side of NE 27th St. A small portion of NE 28th St., between NE Tillamook St. and NE Hancock St., is also included.

These Historic District boundaries are based in local history. From 2007 to 2010, the Historic District Team researched all the physical and legal and historical attributes of the geographical area that was nominated to become a historic district. The research teamhas found more documentation for the District's approved boundaries as additional research has been compiled in the years since the District was established. Much of this documentation was presented to the State Historic Preservation Office in 2015 when a challenge to the boundary arose.


The Irvington Historic District boundaries relate to a number of neighborhood features from the defined Period of Significance for the District, including:

Historic District boundaries are NOT based on:

  • City of Portland Neighborhood lines

  • Portland Public Schools attendance lines

  • Street sign toppers