The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) has published the discussion draft of proposed code from the Residential Infill Project. We have until November 30th, 2017 to send our comments to BPS.

This proposal includes sweeping changes that would affect the majority of Portland’s east side and areas of the west side. Significantly increased density would result along with the potential loss of many more viable, less expensive houses through demolition. There is no analysis that this plan would actually result in less expensive houses. Areas of our neighborhoods would be up zoned from R5 to R2.5 without any formal public process.

At this time BPS is taking comments. They told us that they need specific suggestions on the proposed code. The time for a more extensive discussion of the larger issues behind the proposal, such as need for density, the potential for displacement, and the lack of analysis of a wide-reaching proposal, are for the Planning and Sustainability Commission hearings early in 2018. The final decisions will be made by City Council in early spring.

See the Residential Infill Project website for more information. Please download the RIP documents from the website.  Make sure you read more than just the summary document.  You should at least read Volume I.

Please see these documents written by UNR for details on our position on proposals and the message we want to send to the city. While we hope these will help you formulate your comments to BPS, also consider addressing any specific impacts the proposed code will have on your neighborhood. 

If there ever was a reason to speak up about the future of our city the Residential Infill Project is it.

If you believe it is time to stop the demolitions, also consider buying a yard sign from UNR. Respond to this email for information about how to get a sign.